Phase III: Active Data-base:

In this Phase, active participation is
essential for the learning and the
revisions of experience.
Expertise-building occurs in the
active pursuit of information
update to replace obsolescence and
erase ignorance. Unwillingness to
being involved actively to gain an
experiential grounding manifests
itself as "provocative wilfulness"
which is the antithesis to
"Befriending Creativity" and
involving the body as "doer".
Instead of reaching out to make
oneself known and to know others,
what occurs is a shrinking into
oneself, seeking protection and
preservation in fear of depletion.
(Kosnik, Fuchs) A fully developed
Bodysphere, requires physical
exertion, engagement, health,
involvement, generativity etc., and
is needed to activate the
"Action-Response" in the doing
characterized by "charity" or -love
in the act of co-creation. To
respond with service to an
abundance of life is to transform
our self-importance,
self-absorption: we break through
Becoming an expert in the field of
any endeavour of
being mother,
father, lawyer, friend, neighbour,
or politician; being patient, kind,
loving, gentle... etc. is in the being
not just the knowing. Being an
expert entails building on
experience by selecting,
eliminating....etc.,  that which is
not useful, outdated, incompatible
and replacing these inconsistencies
with new and more viable
alternatives. This is true for
conscience as well as for nutrition,
health, and job requirements. If
there exists an underdeveloped
Childhood Mastery Block (Phase I
and II), Phase III, will also be
faulty, weak, immature and a
conglomerate of behaviours will
display this powerlessness. The
shadow potential turns to false
power. False personal or group
power is in compitition for what is
perceived to be the power of the
other, to be coveted for oneself. In
essence this is an ironic turnaround
from True Power and the True
Source of Empowerment.
I Become

I become
All things
Multiple persons
Existing within existence
Layer upon layer
I peel away
Add on
I grow
Or I'm gone

Mary Angela Nangini