Liminality: the state of being open and genuinely
receptive to the barely perceptible or discernible;
to the wonder, value and holy; to the novel idea,
discovery and invention; to the surprise and
unexpected life event; to the spiritual connection
of being in communion.
In this Phase I, or Ecosphere
consciousness, connectedness with
the world through the body, with
all of one's senses and feelings,
(Damasio, 1995), serves to
heighten awareness and enliven the
emotions exemplified by the eternal
child within. This is the birth of
soul in awe of life. This child-like
connection to the Creator as
created being, keeps us in touch
with the Divine, as Will, Counsel,
Inspiration... who informs, guides
personal conscience, and while
deepening our connection with the
marvels of the created world, we
are gifted with the surprise of
meaning and wonder. Too many of
us mistakenly leave behind this
child-like openness to, and trust in
the Abundance of Goodness, to
become the  mature "adult". This
gradual dis-connection from the
Divine, True Source and Genuine
Author of Empowerment, is lethal
to our  spirituality. For human
wellness, a  body-soul  interactive
has to co-exist with an ever-present
source of energy that must be
reclaimed as "trust" (Erickson in
Hampdon-Turner, p. 132-35) in
the goodness of creation by
"Befriending Creation" (Fox). This
includes all of life: human, plant,
animal and the planet itself
gathered as one, with one's own
humanity. An underdeveloped
Phase I or Ecosphere is recognized
by insensitivity to others and
consequences. (Millar, Katz,
Watson) Here in Phase I, the
fundamental essence is born for
the holy, value and wonder of
being. And in the presence of the
Being of Wonder and Awe, respect
for oneself and for others calls us
to do no harm.

A faulty foundation in Phase I, will
affect the next Phase unless some

beneficial intervention prevents
furthering the damage. In the
development of the growing child's
mind for Quest:Provocation
experiences in Phase II, thinking is
very much connected with feelings
and emotions in Phase I.
(Damasio, 1994, Goleman, 1995)
The Child-Like Connection
Unless you become like little children...
The Child In Me

There's a child in me
Calling to the wild

There's a child in me
Up and running.

Mary Angela Nangini
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