Genetic Coding  
Genetic coding : Nature's Need-Call

Genetic coding in Nature follows
three simple rules: 1. BE NASTY
1995). The Theory on Human
Potential and Its Shadow,
demonstrates how these same three
rules apply to human communities.
the 3-P Chameleons,
genetic coding in humans, work to
raise and highlight the shadow
potential as a False Need-Call:  
power (be nasty to outsiders);  
privilege (be nice to insiders); and
profit (cheat whenever possible).

Conversion : True Need-Call

Because greed, exploitation,
manipulation and deception are
ingrained genetic instructions of
nature within the animal kingdom,
they are all against community and
the communion of beings for humans.
To disengage, turn away from these
primordial instructions for survival
and protection, we are invited to
accept a new instruction, a new law, a
new way of Being. This new law is
the Christian Law of Love that inverts
the three genetic instructions in
favour of a cosmic order of justice.
This new way of  Being requires
conscious choice;  the act of assent to
being as One in our earthly existence
with a divine being, and the whole of
the created cosmos, humans, animals,
and planetary environment. This is
the new Cosmotheandric Experience
of Being and the new human
consciousness that calls for Peace on
Earth.. (
on the laws of nature
 The Beholden

Lyle Watson
explains genetic coding
rules of conduct
binding all of nature

Stated simply
be nice to insiders
be nasty to outsiders
cheat whenever you can
And what of humans?

What binds them
and what loosens them
from such antics
stuck by force
or willingly and by choice?

Jesus the Christ
explains a new law
rules of conduct
binding for all created
elevated to children of God

Stated simply
love as I have loved you
love your enemy
do good to those who hate

How hard is this to do!?

Mary Angela Nangini
Genetic de-Coding  

The mind of the assailant
works on the same natural
as the conservation of energy
and the survival of the fittest:
fill the space where there's a
be the first not last
take all that you can
to be best
find advantage
and exploit
make use of the weak spot
to cheat and be nasty
for self-preservation against
survival of the best fit
moral-ethical or not.

But for humans
these rules
are of the deadliest....
....slayers of the Spirit

Mary Angela Nangini