Shadows Corrupt Reality Unless Reclaimed and Transformed

To liquify - To crystallize

To compartmentalize
To make manageable
To help us feel less of loss
in control of...
When what's where and why
and who did how

Security is itself

Constancy of motion
Makes thought liquid ration
For the fulfilment of the crystallization:
Lifetime vocations carving a route.

Left-Brain leading the troops
Compels thought to focus
Zero in on the crucial moments
To stay stuck.
... the trump stump sticks to the track.

The struggle in living
Breaks into the system
Cracking this constancy.

Certainty fixtures
Fall into risk "being flux".

The tug and pull interplay
Like the churning magnetic
Atmospheric currents
Generates the sustaining force:
The push behind the change reflex?

...being booted out of the nest.

Mary Angela Nangini

Thwarted Potential: Being Metaphor Shadow


A "need-thought" is a source of motivation. It is the
struggle with and for meaning. It is the catalyst behind
action-response. Because it is based on perception,
"need-thought" can be true or false, real or an illusion.
Because the mind operates on a "default-position",
we can be deceived by perception. And because we
can be lied to, betrayed and manipulated by the
Chameleons: power (control-greed), privilege
(inclusion-exclusion principle) and profit (means to
ends-ends for means), a "need-thought" should not
command allegiance just because it exists.

"Need-thoughts" can be evaluated for soundness by
the "Metaphor of Being" that is self-selected for the
desired response.
Being Metaphor proposes to helps
us identify a true "need-thought" as well as a false

A true "need-thought" is in harmony with the
Cosmogenetic Principle, and develops personal
potential while a false "need-thought" raises the
shadow and thwarts human potential. The strategy
advocated to assist with life choices works with the
Cosmogenetic Principle with its three dynamic
powers of organization: autopoiesis, differentiation,  
and communion.

The more experienced we become in the mental
rehearsal stages, with
Being Metaphor before we
follow through with the
Action-Response, the more
efficient, or
Response-Able we become in Liquid
Thinking capacities.

The more a response is controlled by an individual,
the more mature and less violent, (knee-jerk reaction)
the response. Modeling transfers liquid thinking
capacities from adult to child. The better able to
discern a true "need-thought" from a false
"need-thought", the more literate the person becomes
in life-choices. True literacy is developed "Being a
Creative Listener". Those who fail to listen to the true
"need-call" for self-validation; those whose capacity
for listening is destroyed, obstructed or diminished;
will respond to false "need-thoughts" by self-selecting
the "Being Metaphor Shadow". In action-response
this is contraindicative of  the Cosmogenetic Principle
-the creative dynamics of organization in the universe.

As education's Linchpin, the Teacher Strategist
provides curriculum that will develop the searchlight
for true "need-thoughts" through modeling and
"how-to" skills-building practices. Developing
water-logic skills in Liquid Thinking through "Being
Metaphor" proposes to help students identify
"need-thoughts" and to change, alter or reject
destructive habitual habits of the
false "need-thoughts"
by transforming and reorganizing personal energy.

The Theory on Human Potential and Its Shadow with
its Four Phases of Being utilizes a metacognitive
strategy "Being Metaphor", and it was developed
with this new perceptual restructuring of education for
the years 2000. If the procedural strategies proposed
prove to be useful and simple to master, then such a
mandate for education can become a reality in the
classrooms. Today's Teacher Strategist is a "needs
diagnostician and a curriculum designer" who works
to overturn the thwarting of potential by the "Being
Metaphor Shadow:" by nurturing a healthy
acceptance of the uniqueness of  personal  potential
through the learner's self-selection for the "Metaphor
of Being" also allows for the organization and
regeneration of personal energy.