Being Metaphor: developing human potential

A Metacognitive Strategy
Being Metaphor: From
Attribute Sense-ing, to
Analogy, to "Being Metaphor"
"Metaphorical thinking refers to transferring ideas from
one situation to a new context, thus producing a new
relationship." Gary A. Davis

Janusian thinking or mental mobility is a characteristic
of creative people who have a "strong tendency to think
in terms of opposites and contraries while they seek a
new synthesis of ideas. They often think in analogies
and metaphors, and as a matter of course, challenge
assumptions." (OMNI, 1989, p.101)

Metaphor or "the transfer" of words or objects is called
"meta-language" because it is about language itself. In
the theories of the Julian Jaynes, metaphors or
analogues of behaviour in the physical world are lexical
fields of consciousness. "The metaphor of our being is
literally stretched like a screen between brain
hemispheres and between referents like growing,
breathing and standing out" (Hampden-Turner, p.144).

From the metaphor or analogy, I worked backwards
and retraced the steps to get to it. By reversing the
process, I reached the common denominator of the
contextual references -the attributes.

Attributes are compared and contrasted and questioned,
reversed, and opposed, to find the best fitting
relationship between two references. When using one's

to grasp the attributes about an object, or quality
of a person, or symbol of interpretation for a place or
observational skills are being honed to catch and
the particular uniqueness of what is being
observed. Using this strategy, we grow in understanding
from concrete to abstract, and from simple to complex.
It can  be extended to consciously slide-rule the
concepts found, so that complex-simple can be turned
into simple-complex as needed and with ease in either
fields concrete or abstract, and in either modes random
or sequential.

1. This strategy is compatible with the Anthony
Model. (See also
Learning Styles)

2. Gregorc's Model is based on
Kolb's Learning Styles

3. Also based on Kolb's Experiential Learning Cycle is
Hunt's C-RE-A-TE Cycle.

Gregorc's Learning Styles,  Kolb's Experiential Learning
Cycle, and Hunt's C-RE-A-T-E Cycle are incorporated
harmoniously to The Four Phases of Being and the
metacognitive strategy Being Metaphor assists with the
development of a fundamental literacy of 'Being' through
the celebration of uniqueness of attributes in our
individuality (autopoiesis), interrelatedness and
connectiveness through analogy in our evolutionary
history (differentiation), and through a reverent,
empathic, sustainability of caring for our community
(communion): The Cosmogenetic Principle in action.
Swimme & Berry in the Universe Story, 1992)

"As if" - Play

The term "Being Metaphor" burst into my mind as
Professor Richard Courtney (1989), described the
child's play in the "as if" mode, as the rehearsals for real
life. In "Being" the metaphor, the rehearsal of the
attributes of that metaphor are "Being Burned" into our
consciousness whether as a child or as an adult. Playing
at "Being Dragon", "Being Ball", "Being Astronaut" help
the child try out different ways of being we call roles.
However, in real life, this same learning occurs when
"Being" is played out in the negative. The more
rehearsals at "Being", the more comfortable at "Doing".
We know this process builds habits and character, good
or bad. The "as if" mode in
Decartes' Error: Emotion,
Reason, and the Human Brain
, (Damasio, 1994), is a
neurological "bypass device" that loops the body
reactions out of the process in order to avoid the
triggering of the limbic system in the primordial
"fight-flight" response. This is why
"Being Metaphor"
works to build and develop human potential; When
faced with situations or "Provocations" that arouse the

"Being Metaphor Shadow"
responses, the imaging of the
metaphor in its shadow state, allows for the "Metaphor
of Being" to be transformed from the shadow potential
to positive energy-forces.  To learn to use this
metacognitive strategy or as a Teacher or Parent, please
visit "Being Metaphor" and Being Metaphor Shadow
links above.
Vini - Vidi - Vinca!
Embodying the Metaphor of Being
"Being Metaphor"

As Ombudsman
 "Being Metaphor" bi-passes
  the limbic system
  with its in-built trigger-reaction
  in dealing with fear and fright
  because it allows persons
  to personify perceptions
  other than their own
  as seen from the many
  different perspectives.

Nature sifts us
  sky. land. water
  fire. wind. ice
Then offers the choice:
  or bridled love's chalice.

Mary Angela Nangini

"Being Metaphor"

-a tool to tap into
the dynamic forces
acting upon the Universe
and all of creation
great or small

leads towards
a bursting forth
of creative energy

Amoral enervates
into entropy
the strangling of
creative energy

Even when under amoral tenets
grace is available
to change route
and travel a new course
as when skidding on ice
and experience loss of control
we steer back onto the road
on our own
or crash

Its at that point of no return
That we begin again

Mary Angela Nangini