without faith
broken trust
broken life
hope and love
the healing power of faith
God with us
gentle source
your love's bouquet
wine poured
my body
languishes for you
my soul
spring of wisdom
drawing from your strength
               humbles me
broken human!
has hell found a nest
   in my wounds?
    soul wounds
carve character traits
     in the healing
reversal of choice
pivotal conversion
how far into pretense
        stone heart
to abide by truth
restores light to the darkness
scatters Legion
shards of glass
within my skin; moral pain
inside my mind
give back soul-light
from those we steal and covet
remain in truth
reject the rewards
on the silver platter;
welcome peace
fitting harvest
for the father of lies
gifts of diversions
renounce false need-calls
and the glitter will crumble
from idols
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Thank You For Your Visit
you are my insight
      my vision        Holy Spirit
           you are my wisdom
this is God
teaching me
      teaching me
teach me GodLove
heart of my heart
welcoming wrongs